Card Play: SHAPE BINGO 4 on SHARK (January 7 at 10:00am EST )

$10.00 (or 1 Lesson Token)



Join Rob Barrington on January 7th for this LIVE CARD PLAY CLASS!  This Rob classic will have you figuring out the shapes of the hidden hands around the table.  You may be declarer or defender during any given hand, but you will always be counting.  Figure out the shapes of the hidden hands in the lowest number of tricks and then finish the play of the hand from that point yourself.  Like all, new, card play classes, this session will be held using Shark Bridge.  Each student, that joins live, will have their own table to sit at and will be able to make their own decisions when it’s their turn to play.  Can’t join live, no worries, a full replay is delivered right to your lessons page after class.  (90 minutes, Moderately Paced, No Notes)

Target Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced Intermediate+