Declarer Duplicate: CONTRACT, 3NT (SEPTEMBER 30 at 11:00AM)

$10.00 (or 1 Lesson Token)




This new session on Shark Bridge will have you declaring the same contract throughout each duplicate style session.  You will be playing at your own private table while competing against the other players in the class for the best result on each hand.  Rob will be there to walk you through the best strategies and thoughts for each hand after you play and the results will be there to let you know how you are performing against other players in these sessions.  (Don’t worry, you can be anonymous if you don’t want your name in lights :)).  These sessions are designed to give you a lot of declarer play practice while adding a fun competitive aspect to each session.  At the end of each month, the players with the best results will win a free lesson or two from Rob :).  Join Rob each week for this really fun new event!

(90 minutes)

Target Level: Intermediate+